Jan 2024 Update

What an incredible journey 2023 has been! With hearts full of gratitude, we extend our deepest thanks for your unwavering prayers and generous support. We’ve witnessed the miraculous works of God, and we’re thankful for your invaluable role in that. Last year, we celebrated 14 individuals being baptized and 8 receiving the Holy Spirit. Our […]

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Fall 2023 Update

God is Working in Paris We are blown away by what God is doing in Paris. We fear that it sounds cliché at some point, but amazing things are happening. Signs, wonders, and miracles have become part of normal life as we have seen many filled with the Holy Spirit and baptized! We are in

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Summer 2023 Update

This has been a great year so far. Perhaps one of the most productive in our ministry. We are thankful for each of you who play a part by your prayers and generous giving. We are in a season of spiritual momentum, and we covet your prayers that we can steward properly what God is

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Jan 2023 Update

As we enter another year, we are overwhelmed by the blessings of our God. We are thankful to everyone who faithfully supports us through prayer and finances. You are unsung heroes of faith, and we honor you! It’s hard to believe that we will have been ministering in Paris for five years next month. From

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2022 Update

Time has flown by since the last time we had an opportunity to connect with you, and SO MUCH has happened. We have seen a revival in the Sri Lankan community and an influx of young professionals. Many have been baptized in the water and Spirit. Evil spirits have been cast out, and people have

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4th Qrt 2021 Update

 The Lord continues to do amazing things among us in Paris, France. We have so much to be grateful for as one year rolls over into a new year of possibilities and opportunities.   COMING HOME We are planning to be in the USA from 23 February – 10 March, to attend to some legal matters.

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3rd Qrt 2021 Update

We are pleased to provide you an update about what is happening in our ministry. During this exciting time, we have been part of many incredible things that God is doing. Missionaries Paul and Darla Brochu left for deputation (fundraising) at the beginning of April. They will be gone until the beginning of 2022. Upon

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4th Qrt 2020 Update

I looked at the calendar this week and was shocked to discover it was already December. It has certainly been an unusual season of life, but God is still moving and working. We have been in another extended lockdown and that has changed the face of ministry for us once more. It’s great connecting with

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3rd Qrt 2020 Update

POOF! June and July have disappeared! It was a busy, but an excellent couple of months.IN-PERSON SERVICES RESUME At the beginning of June, we were able to return to in-person services, albeit with restrictions. It was pure joy to see everyone again after being away from them for three months. Our attendance numbers are slowly

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