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YOU can become a Partner In Ministry (PIM)!

MAIL: To become a PIM through the UPCI website CLICK HERE.

Disclaimer: Donations made through this website are tax-deductible except where prohibited by law. No goods or services are provided in exchange for your contribution. Funds are electronically deposited into The Pentecostals of Bossier City (POBC) Hope Now account for Baron & Jen Carson and will appear on your credit card statement as “POBC- Hope Now -Carson”. If you wish to cancel your recurring electronic donation at any time, please email or log in to

Our UPCI PIM account number is 186737.

Your contribution translates to

many souls reached

Develop Teaching tools

We have done much work to develop digital discipleship tools. Online discipleship courses and learning management systems to aid in the development of the local church. You can see some of this work at

Provide for monthly needs

Your contribution will help supply our monthly needs to remain on the field in ministry. From our rent, insurance and internet to our transportation and phones. The monthly financial requirements are significant. Working together this need can be met!

support work in europe/Middle East

We operate in a support role for the office of the Regional Director of the EME. In this capacity we help equip fellow laborers to do the work which God has called them today. This work allows us a front row seat to what God is doing.

Open Countries to the Gospel

We have seen countries opened to the gospel and unreached people groups filled with the spirit and baptized. Your contributions help shine the light of the gospel into some of the darkest places in the EME region. Your giving opens up doors!