November 2017 Update

We have a great report for November that we are excited to share.

Weekly we are teaching Bible studies, discipling new believers, and working in administration to help facilitate the work here in the Netherlands and around Europe and the Middle East. In addition to this, we have opportunities to minister in our region under the leadership of our Regional Director Mike Tuttle. We are thankful for his leadership and to be a part of Capturing Cities for Christ!


At the beginning of last month, it was our delight to host Pastor Jason and Karisha Watts of Allen Life Chapel in Allen, Texas. They traveled here to serve at our Marriage Retreat that we organized for the churches here.  We had a wonderful time showing them around the country we love. While here, he was also able to preach at the Paris Centre church in France, as well as our local churches in Holland. On top of being a great preacher, Pastor Watts is a Licensed Pastoral Counselor. As such, he was well equipped to provide our married couples actionable advice and timely information to enhance our married lives. We are so grateful for the sacrifice they made to join us in Holland and to minister to our people. We were greatly blessed. If you are in need of a great marriage seminar, contact him. You won’t be disappointed.


After our marriage weekend, my attention was turned to Romania for a few days. I was invited to help Missionary Mark Shutes and Pastor Kevin Erickson teach a Revival By Design seminar and preach in area churches with Missionaries Daniel and Christine Patterson. They are an amazing missionary couple! A last-minute change of plans meant that Bro. Shutes could not join us. Bro. Erickson and I ministered together on a Wednesday night in a local Gypsy congregation. The spirit of the Lord moved in a powerful way and many received the Spirit of God for the first time, one of which included an 80-plus-year-old sweet lady and the pastor’s son.

During a seminar on Saturday, we were explaining how to pray with someone to receive the Holy Spirit. We asked for a volunteer and a Romanian lady timidly stepped forward to be used as an example. This was her first time in the church since she had just been invited at the train station that morning. As we taught the students how to pray for someone to receive Holy Spirit, she began speaking in tongues. It was beautiful. She soon disappeared and I became worried that something was wrong. In fact, something was right. She had returned home to bring her son and sister back so they could experience what she had. We are thrilled that over 13 people received the Spirit that the weekend and doors of opportunity are open to returning in 2018 to teach. We are so privileged to have to worked beside the Pattersons in the land of their calling.


After returning from Romania, Jen and I made our way to Copenhagen, Denmark for the weekend. We had been invited to minister by Pastor Chris Brett. After spending a lovely Saturday morning exploring the city, we went for fellowship in the home of one of the church leaders. We had an excellent dinner, after which I gave a devotion and we all prayed together. It was a beautiful time. Sunday morning, we ministered at the church and had a great time with Pastor Chris and Clara Brett and their family. There was a beautiful time of prayer and fellowship after the message. We are happy to have connected with fellow believers in that part of the world.


After all of this it was great to take time to focus on our blessings. We spent Thanksgiving Day at home and had some dear Dutch friends join us for a classic American Thanksgiving feast. We had a little stress that we would not find a Turkey in time this year, but we managed to pull it off.

We love and appreciate you all for your faithful love, prayers and support.