News Flash

Regretfully, it’s been a while since we’ve provided you an update. We have been in the middle of changes and transition. Our time since September 2015 has been the best years of our lives serving the people of the Netherlands and working in God’s kingdom there. We rejoice at all that God has done. We have seen countless people filled with the Holy Spirit, baptized, healed, discipled, and transformed. For those who have followed our journey, you are aware that we’ve had much difficulty attempting to obtain our visas to remain in the country. We have spent thousands of dollars and many hours in prayer, but the Lord has not seen fit to open this door.

After prayer, fasting, and godly counsel, the decision has been made for us to change fields to France. We will be arriving in Paris on Wednesday, February 14. Though we have no regrets about our time in Holland, it is with sadness that we leave the people and land we have come to love. It is against this backdrop that we move forward with excitement and eager anticipation for the days ahead. We will be working alongside missionary and Area Coordinator Paul and Darla Brochu. We will be serving the international church (Paris Centre Church) in the city of Paris and working with them to achieve their growth objectives and goals. We will continue to support the work in Holland as needed and assist our regional director, Mike Tuttle, with the vision of capturing cities for Christ. It is with great confidence that we move ahead on this new adventure as we have heard the clear voice of the Lord and felt his hand on us every step of this journey.

Over the next few weeks, we will be rebranding Hope for Holland to better reflect the new scope of our ministry. In the meantime, we ask that you help us pray for the following requests below.

We humbly thank you for your love, prayers and financial support. We are better when we work together!


  • Locate affordable housing in a good area
  • Opening of new doors and ministry opportunities for us
  • Finding favor with all that we come in contact with
  • Our safety and the safety of our saints in France
  • Permanent meeting location for the Paris Centre church