March 2019 Update

We are happy to share a great report with you for March. It was a busy time for revival and work. We saw God do marvelous things!

This month we had a strategic week of fasting and prayer walking to claim spiritual dominion over the area our church is located. It was a pivotal time for our people. We had around 40 people show up to prayer during the week. During this time, we also enlisted the Spiritual Response Team that we developed to join us in prayer. In addition to that, we had nearly 150 prayer missionaries that participated with us in prayer around the world from our Spiritual Response Team. We know things were shaken in the spiritual realm. (In fact, local news reported that during that week witches in Paris gathered to do the same thing.) God led us and provided results. The next several services were totally powerful, with great expectation in the air. 

After this time of prayer and fasting, we hosted a kids-focused service with children’s ministers Gordon & Rachel Smoak. They did an incredible job, and our kids responded with depth in prayer. By the end of the service, four of our precious kids had received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and they all had an encounter with Jesus. It was beautiful to experience!

This month also included the biennial EME Ladies Conference in Athens, Greece. We worked extensively with the EME leadership team to help facilitate this conference. We went to Greece and had a great time of fellowship and spiritual renewal. Jen attended the ladies meetings and took photos for the event, while Baron had meetings with missionaries who accompanied their wives to Athens. It was a very well attended event with nearly 300 ladies, and we rejoice with the team at the excellent response to the event. It was a great time, and we are thankful for the vision of the Ladies Commission to have this event for the EME ladies. 

This month we also had a time of fun and fellowship for the EPU Bible Quiz teams hosted by Paris Centre Church. It was a blast having everyone around for this Saturday team-building experience. The EPU Bible Quiz leadership team is doing an excellent job! Check out the video highlight below to see the fun the teams had together.

Thank you for your support! You are making a difference!