April 2019 Update

After a whirlwind of activity in March, we were happy for a little slower paced April. This month has been a very productive time administratively and spiritually with 12 people receiving the Holy Spirit over the last few weeks. We have also completed the second level of our Foundations discipleship course and were able to hand out many completion certificates.

This month Paris Centre Church celebrated its seventh-anniversary service. This celebration is always a great time of fellowship and renewal. Jeroen Van Gorp, Pastor in Brussels, Belgium, was our guest speaker. Five people received the Holy Spirit, and two were delivered from demonic possession. We had a record-breaking 130 people in attendance. We can have a revival in Paris! We are so thankful to the Van Gorp family for their ministry here. 

Not all church work is prayer, teaching, and preaching. We have been working on many administrative tasks. Over the past few months, we have been working with Emily Smucker to establish a church database and migrating many of our functions into a new church management system. She has done an incredible job. We are now operating with this new administrative system that allows us to take care of our church members more effectively.

Emily Working on Planning Center

It has been three months since Emily’s arrival in January, and this month, it was time for her to return home. We are so thankful for the help that she provided to Paris Centre Church. The future of the Church is in great hands with wonderful young people that have a heart for the mission of the Church. Thanks, Emily, for all of your great help! 

The latter part of April we put our heads down and focused on the upcoming ACRC meetings in Portugal. The annual Area Coordinator and Regional Commission meetings are a time of strategic planning to reach the Europe Middle East Region. We serve as assistants to the EME Regional Director, and in this capacity, we had much work to do to prepare for this meeting. We are so thankful for the leadership team that we have the privilege to work with! 

May God bless you all for every prayer you pray and every gift you give. We could not do this without you.