4th Qrt 2020 Update

I looked at the calendar this week and was shocked to discover it was already December. It has certainly been an unusual season of life, but God is still moving and working. We have been in another extended lockdown and that has changed the face of ministry for us once more. It’s great connecting with more people, but we are eager for the day to see each other face-to-face again.

Global ConNEXTions

As you are likely aware, Global Connextions was held online last month. It was done with excellence and was a great success. Kudos to the team that organized it! Pastor Brochu and I had a terrific time in one of the break-out sessions. We took people through a virtual tour of Paris and shared our burden for the work here. We talked about the physical landmarks and then the spiritual ones. We took the opportunity to share with people the spiritual atmosphere here. It is always great to connect with mission-minded people. Join us in prayer for this great nation.

French Youth Convention

Last month was the French Youth Convention which was also held online. I was part of the organization and the planning team to help make sure the meeting was a success. The young people poured their hearts into the event and expanded their horizons ministering online. We had great attendance with watch parties all over France and Europe as our youth worshipped together as one. Pastor Chad Flowers was our guest speaker this year and it was a wonderful time. Because this was online, people from many nations were able to participate.

The dynamics of ministry have changed since everything has shifted online, but it has not stopped the move of God’s Spirit. With a fresh focus on online ministry, we have been able to do things previously impossible. 

Prayer Revival

For the last month, we have had nightly online prayer meetings with our church. On average, we have 25-35 people gathering to pray together to seek the face of God. We gather on a Zoom video call and pray together. It has been nothing short of amazing. The unity and spiritual momentum that has been created will pay great dividends when we can come together again. In addition to our local church praying nightly, there is a 24h prayer chain that is coordinated by the French national church. Every revival in history has begun with a prayer revival. We look forward with expectation at the revival that God is bringing to France.  

Expanding Ministry

This new season has given us the chance to minister and help in places that were previously difficult or impossible to help. I have had the privilege of preaching online for other churches and have continued consulting with churches around the world regarding online ministry and organizational/leadership development. Partnering with people from the Middle East to America to help them push their respective ministries forward has been a great privilege. We have been able to cross denominational lines and provide direction, help, and influence to help Connect Cities to Christ. Oh, what a Savior!

There is so much that God is doing that we can not tell it all. As we move into the Christmas season and our thoughts turn toward family and friends, let us not forget those that are suffering during this time. Many have lost family or jobs and are dealing with the effects of what is happening in the world. Let’s look for someone to whom we can extend hope. Jesus is still the Hope of the world!

Much love to you all! May the Lord richly bless you.