Jan 2023 Update

As we enter another year, we are overwhelmed by the blessings of our God. We are thankful to everyone who faithfully supports us through prayer and finances. You are unsung heroes of faith, and we honor you!

It’s hard to believe that we will have been ministering in Paris for five years next month. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for joining us on this fantastic journey!

2022 Report
2022 was a year of astonishing growth for Paris Centre Church, where we pastor. Though it’s not all about numbers, you count what matters, and people matter. Last year we had an overall 35% increase in attendance over the previous year. We have finally broken over 100 in average attendance on Sundays. Since we arrived in 2018, we have seen the church double in size. 

We have seen many people healed, baptized, and Spirit-filled this past year. Seeing lives transformed as the Gospel impacts them is so wonderful! Click on this graphic to see an end-of-year report from our local church.


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Parlez-vous français ?
We continue in French lessons. We are often asked how it’s going; the answer is … slowly. HA! But we are making progress in the language and are grateful for that. We must conquer this to ensure longevity with the work here. Classes are almost $100 a week. If you want to help with this expense, your contribution would be very appreciated. We would appreciate prayers for us as we work on this.


Ministry Around Europe
We are often privileged to minister away from our home church in Paris. The majority of Baron’s external ministry is leadership and organizational development. To see ministry leaders grow is one of our passions. As you are aware, we have a soft spot in our hearts for the Netherlands, and we were privileged to minister there for their back-to-school weekend a few months ago. What an incredible group of young people in Dordrecht. The church there is growing tremendously, and it makes us so happy.

More recently, we were able to minister in Liverpool, UK at Refresh. There we had the opportunity to speak into the lives of youth leaders across Great Britain & Ireland. Refresh is where those in and aspiring for youth ministry can unite and be equipped to serve this generation with excellence. We are so impressed with these leaders and with the work of Adrian Hall, the national youth president. After this training event, we stayed over and ministered for The Apostolic Church of Liverpool pastored by the Hemuses. What an outstanding and inspirational church. We returned to France invigorated for what the future holds for the church in Paris!

21 Days of Devotion
Twice a year, we lead our church in 21 Days of Devotion. This is a time of prayer, fasting, and recalibrating our spiritual lives. This month, we created a book in English and French to help guide people on the path to personal devotion. We want to thank Nilushaan Bandara, Alicia Gagnon, Baptiste Ricard, Gertrude Rigueur, and Léon Roopnarine for their help in making this happen. We have a super great team around us at PCC!!

If you would like these files for your use, here is a link to download the books. Send us a message if you would like source files to design this for your church. They are free.

We are happy to be part of a brand-new program for our region. You might be familiar with the North American AIM program that sends out short-term mission workers around the globe. This program that we assist with sends Europeans to other European nations to serve along with pastors and church leaders to bolster works and provide their talents to expand God’s Kingdom. There has been great interest in this program, and we are excited to see what God does through it! To find out more, visit www.euroaim.org.


Regional Transitions
For the past several years, we have had the privilege and honor of working alongside the Europe Middle East regional directors, Mike and Dianna Tuttle. The Tuttles have been instrumental in our missions journey and our development in ministry. We are forever indebted to them for their impact on our life and ministry. On Dec. 31, they retired from their work in the Europe Region. We will greatly miss working closely with them. We honor their ministry and pray for God’s blessings upon their retirement.

As the page is turned to 2023, we are eager to work with Nathan and Tanya Harrod, the new Europe Regional Director. Great things are ahead for Europe, and we are delighted to be part of it