Fall 2019 Update


As we take time to reflect on our blessings, we realize how privileged we are to count you among them. Due to much travel, we have been a little behind on updates and we want to share with you some of the things that God is doing. It is with great excitement that we share this update. In the last month, we have seen new people groups opened to the gospel, people baptized, filled with the Spirit of God, and people miraculously healed (thrown off back braces and dead limbs come alive).

ReLaunch Picnic

Right before we returned to the USA in September, we organized a ReLauch picnic in the park. It was a time for our church family to get together after having gone separate ways during the summer. We had many people attend and new guests with whom we were able to connect. This included a Muslim man and his daughter. It was beautiful to see them in church with us the following Sunday.

Welcome to the Pauls

Days before our departure to the USA, we had the privilege of welcoming Ryan, Keirstin, Caroline, and Monte Paul to France. Their arrival was perfectly timed for them to assist the Brochus during our absence. They jumped into ministry with prayer walking, teaching Bible studies, praying for the sick, and sharing the love of Jesus with everyone they meet. It has been a joy to have this wonderful family working in Paris.

Time Home

While we were home it was great to connect with family and friends whom we had not seen in a long time. Additionally, it was an honor to connect with many pastors and churches that have loved and supported us. We were able to attend the UPCI General Conference in Indianapolis and connected with many of you there. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the sacrifices that you make for people you’ve never met! 

We want to take a moment to wish a very sad goodbye to our dear Pat Morgan. Over the years she has been a vital part of the UPCI Short Term Missions program and friend to all who work in missions globally. She is retiring and we wish her all the happiness that it can bring. We thank her for her kindness and service!

Digital Discipleship

Days after returning to France, we welcomed Madison Webb to work with us for four weeks. He poured his heart and time into the work at UPC Paris Centre and the Eglise Pentecostiste Unie de France. He organized and directed weeks of video production and completed nearly 10 hours of Digital Discipleship videos, which will be distributed online. We are thrilled to see this project coming together. We are thankful for young people with a heart for the Kingdom! Thanks to all who helped with our studio project; We were able to purchase equipment needed to make this project possible. It is our goal to continue providing high-quality online training.

New People Groups

Soon after returning to France, doors opened into Access Challenged Nations (ACN). Within one week, we had great contacts made with people from three ACNs. The most notable contact was made with a wonderful family from an undisclosed nation to whom services were rendered to help their physical needs. The Brochus have shown true Christ-like love to them, opening the door for the gospel to be shared. They have since been baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit. We welcome with open arms our new brothers and sisters in Christ! When he arrived he was in a wheelchair as the result of an old injury. God has miraculously healed him and he is walking normally with strength now. They are so thankful for the peace they have received, and now want to share the light of the Gospel with their people. Please help us pray for them, their protection, and their families. We have fallen in love with these dear people and look forward to what God has planned for them.

Youth Convention

Earlier this month, the 36th Annual French Youth Convention was held. This is always an incredible time of ministry as fellow French believers gather from across all corners of France to worship together. With well over 1,000 in attendance, the atmosphere was electric.  Aaron Bounds, our guest minister, poured out his heart with anointing and passion. The messages were life-changing and many people were touched by the power of God and filled with the Holy Spirit. 

Comparative Religious Summit

As the Youth Convention was concluding, the Brochus, Pauls, a delegate from Paris Centre Church, and I boarded a plane to Johannesburg, South Africa. There we spent several days in intensive teaching and strategic planning sessions on how to reach specific people groups. The Comparative Religious Summit was pivotal for our ministry in Paris, France, as well as around Europe. We are eager to reach unreached people!

Small Groups

This past weekend, as we sat in our small group meeting discipling and teaching, I noted the Bibles in the native languages of our attendees. Arabic, English, French, and Sinhala. What great joy it is for believers from all walks of life, from all sorts of pasts, and from all cultures imaginable to gather together around the table of God. Heaven is truly going to be beautiful!!

We thank each of you for your prayers, love, and support. You are making a difference!!