Fall 2018 Update

We wanted to share some of the exciting things that have been happening here. We are so pleased about what God is doing in Paris, France and throughout Europe.


At Paris Centre Church, we have been working with the Brochus to have an intense focus on basic discipleship teaching. We have developed books and organized material for use in our church services and small group settings. We have spent countless hours on this project. In the past 2 months, we have put together nearly 250 pages of material that are being strategically taught and distributed, with over 100 more pages in development. We are commercially printing these books for distribution in our local assembly. Because of this material, we now have people better connected with the church and one another. We have even noticed an upward trend in the attendance of our classes.

We are also in the process of having this material translated into French! This will allow it to reach deeper into the French-speaking community. We are delighted about what God is doing through this endeavor. We realize this does not make for exciting reporting, but we know that it will have a longer impact than we can imagine.


We have launched into our fall/winter semester of small groups and are thrilled about the progress being made. In addition to overseeing small groups ministry at Paris Centre Church, we lead a small group of our own. We have a young, bilingual French man who happened to come to church for the first time when we started our personal discipleship program. We connected him with our small group. Due to logistical and socioeconomic issues, our small group had no place to meet. He and his family own a rental property in the center of the city. This young man happily offered their meeting space to us for FREE in the city center. This is a HUGE blessing. Each week there is apostolic teaching and discipleship taking place in this area with thousands of families living on the block. We are believing God that there is a spiritual impact taking place as we capture this city for Christ.


We continue to work closely with Missionaries Mark Shutes, Raymond Nicholls and the Revival By Design team to help see revival birthed throughout the world. Working as Director of Administration, we help facilitate work taking place on five continents. Numerous people have come to the knowledge of the saving and healing power of Jesus through this ministry. It’s very exciting to have a small part in the worldwide revival taking place right now.


We have had a few occasions to minister outside of France. In August, we traveled to Madrid, Spain to be with the Burgess families to minister in the anniversary service at their English-speaking church. We saw God move in a powerful way! During the Spanish-speaking service that morning, we saw a lady begin to dance with crutches over her head. Jesus healed her of multiple sclerosis during the service. Five people were baptized, and many were filled with the Holy Spirit. God is at work in Spain! We are thankful to Missionaries Ken and Kay Burgess and Kameron and Gloria Burgess for the opportunity to minister in Spain.

We have also returned to the Netherlands a couple of times and had the opportunity to minister in the churches there. We are so happy to see new faces and growth in the Dutch church. It’s nice to catch up with the work when we have the opportunity to return. The Calhouns are doing an incredible job leading the work there.


We are involved in various levels of administration from the local church level all the way up to all of the Europe Middle East region. This is not always “something to write home about,” but we know that it has an eternal impact.

We have been working with Missionary/Pastor Brochu in Paris Centre Church to develop policies and procedures to more effectively run a mobile church operation. As we have not been blessed with a permanent location for meeting and office space, we have to make the best use of what we have. With well-executed procedures, we’ve seen traction beginning to take place. The tools and procedures we are developing are being worked out to perhaps be further implemented to future works. In addition to this, we have spent time developing marketing material to help with the presentation of the Gospel to Paris.

We also work closely with our regional leadership on various administrative tasks related to regional operations. This affords us the opportunity to see what God is doing in various areas across the Europe Middle East region. What an honor it is for us to be a part of such a dynamic organization that is so focused on capturing cities for Christ!


We do not much talk about finances because who wants to hear someone talk about money all the time? ? Due to various reasons, we have lost a few Partners in Missions (PIMs) over the last 6 months. Because of this, it potentially places our ability to minister here in jeopardy. When you partner with us, you will share in the eternal reward of reaching lost souls with the Gospel message. Would you consider making a one-time donation or partnering with us monthly? 

You might be asking how your contribution can help. First, we must learn French and need to raise funds for a language school (approximately $3,500pp). Secondly, you can help with our recurring monthly expenses. These include transportation ($90), internet ($40), phones ($25), insurance ($100) and housing ($1,075). Even a small donation can make a big difference!

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We have seen many lives transformed as people are healed, baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit, and you can be a part of that by praying, giving or going! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

We wish we could personally express our appreciation for each of you. Know that we love you and pray that God richly blesses you as we work together for Him!