Blind Eyes Opened, Warfare Prayer, Campus Ministry (2nd Qrt 2020 Update)

2020 – It has been a crazy year! We want to be transparent with you; we kept waiting for the “right time” to release an update. We decided not to share one during the height of the pandemic, because it did not feel right with so much happening. So if you will allow us a few minutes of your time, we want to share with you some of our activities since we last connected with you.

Leadership Development International (LDI)
We had the privilege of participating in  EME LDI seminars with Terry and Melani Shock. Level 1 was held in Melun, France, and Level 2 was held in Brussels, Belgium. It was a great opportunity to connect with strategic leaders from across our region and sit under the anointed teaching ministry of the Shocks. We are grateful for the opportunity to spend time with them while they were here with us.

Miracles, Healing & Revival
After LDI, we were honored to host Mark and Robin Shutes in Paris for a few days. It is always great to spend time with mentors, and especially great when they are able to minister. We had a special training and healing service while they were here. It was incredible. One lady from our small group had lost most of the vision in her right eye and could not see more than light and shadows a few feet away. Even standing right in front of her she could not identify a face. Jesus restored her sight and she can see normally again! She was overcome with great joy. Many people had debilitating pain disappear. We serve a God of miracles!

In the past few months, people have received the Holy Spirit. We’ve had many first time guests in attendance every week, including many people who have found us online and come. New Bible studies are happening. Attendance is up by 50% from 2019. Exciting things are happening in Paris!

Prayer Warriors Rising
In September of 2019, we met a great couple at the UPCI General Conference. The McKenzies were seeking the will of God for the next step in their ministry. They felt God leading them to strategic prayer ministry and after much conversation and prayer, they determined they were being led to Paris to help prepare the atmosphere for revival. When they arrived in February they wasted no time getting started. The day after landing they were up before dawn to pray in the day as the sun rose over the city. During this time, they also trained others to operate in daybreak prayer ministry. We are eager for them to return to continue this ministry. Prayer changes things!

Campus Ministry
A few months ago we connected with university students from two different schools here in Paris. One of these young ladies we had the privilege of baptizing last year. They are both open doors to their campuses. We had plans of working with them to begin Bible studies on their campuses, but a couple of weeks after working on this, the pandemic hit. Since this time the universities have been closed. We do not know what the future holds in this area, so please help us pray. By reaching students at the international universities in Paris, nearly all nations of the world can be touched.

Kids Services
The last Sunday that we were able to have services before the world turned on its head, we had an excellent kids-focused weekend. That service we had record-breaking attendance of 101 people! Many children were touched by the power of the Holy Spirit. It was so beautiful to see. We are thankful for everyone who invests in the lives of our kids. 

Consulting & Connections
During this very unusual time, everyone had to pivot and quickly adapt to new ways of doing ministry. Our experience in the tech world was able to be leveraged to propel many churches and ministries forward in this area. In the past few months, we have been able to provide consultation with about 40 churches and ministries in nearly 20 nations. We used this as an opportunity to create a Facebook group, “Faith Creatives of Europe”, that allows us to work together for the common cause of reaching our communities with the Gospel. With over 70 members across Europe from various denominational backgrounds, it is a wonderful opportunity to work together to reach our cities. We have been thrilled to see the connections take place that did not previously exist, and see the level of professionalism and production greatly increase over the last three months. Because of this, THOUSANDS more people have been able to be reached with the Gospel. Many have repented, been baptized, and filled with the Holy Spirit. 

Services Resume 
Just this week, we were able to resume in-person services after a 12-week hiatus. We followed strict guidelines to allow this to happen, but everyone was overjoyed to see each other again. We had 36 people in service which was down from our 85-90 person average. We will continue to offer online services during this time of transition so that everyone will have access to the ministry of the church. We had just as many or more people online, which was encouraging.

Before the lockdown, we had an appointment with the immigration office to renew our residency permits. We were blessed that the immigration officers were eager to help us. When they discovered we were Christians and worked in pastoral ministry, they called over co-workers to meet us. This is HIGHLY unusual. We thank God for His favor that is upon us. The lockdown has put everything many months behind schedule, but we were able to collect updated residency cards a couple of weeks ago. What a relief. We are so thankful for the help of Missionary Brochu in navigating these waters.

Base of Operation
Due to the economic situation surrounding the events of the past few months, it is projected that many businesses will be forced to close in Paris. The financial forecast is predicting it to become a “renter’s market”. Our church is in desperate need of a base of operations to facilitate the expanding ministry in Paris. Missionary Paul Brochu is working closely with real estate representatives in the city to help see this realized. Will you please join us in prayer that doors will open and that financial provision will be made for this great need.

Many Thanks
We want to thank each of you who have stepped up to fill in the financial gap that was brought to your attention in our last newsletter. We welcome your prayer covering over the work that God is doing in France. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with Him here. You are a part of every soul won and life changed. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.