Summer 2023 Update

This has been a great year so far. Perhaps one of the most productive in our ministry. We are thankful for each of you who play a part by your prayers and generous giving. We are in a season of spiritual momentum, and we covet your prayers that we can steward properly what God is doing in Paris. We have had so much happening that it’s hard to fit it all into a newsletter, so we will just hit some highlights.

All Nations Sunday

In April, we hosted an All Nations Sunday with Rev. Bruce Howell, the Global Missions Director of the United Pentecostal Church. It was an incredible service! Each week we have around 25 nations represented in our services, and this weekend was no different. It was our largest service ever, with 142 people in attendance!! On top of that €20,312 ($21,975) were committed from our local church to missions efforts around the world. AMAZING! 

Baptisms & Marriages

We have seen several baptisms this year, including people from the efforts of our evangelism teams, some from Google, and some from personal Bible studies. One was an older French gentleman who has been coming to our church for a few years and finally made this important decision. In total, eight have been baptized so far. One of the people baptized works at the UN in Paris and has brought some of her co-workers to church. Just last weekend, we baptized someone in our backyard, the first person from our neighborhood. We can not take credit for all of this work. We, Baptiste & Alicia Ricard, AIMers here in Paris, and Nilushaan and Sonali Bandara, members of the Sri Lankan community here, are doing incredible work discipling others. These couples teach Bible studies to 8-9 people a week. AMAZING! (Speaking of the Bandaras and Ricards, we had the honor of marrying both couples at the beginning of the year. Our very first marriages at Paris Centre Church!)

Paris Centre Church (PCC)

The church we pastor has so many incredible stories we encounter each week that it becomes easy to forget that this is not normal. Our average attendance is now over 100 each week, with nearly 200 active members. Each we, we have 10-15 first-time guests. Recently people have been coming in from the street because the spirit of God is drawing them inside. PCC has a dedicated evangelism team that consistently prayer walks and evangelizes in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, and they have seen several come to Jesus from these efforts. A few weeks ago, a lady asked for prayer for her granddaughter who needed a heart transplant, and she came back to report with joy that the doctors now say she is perfectly well. We hear of amazing miracles every week. Truly the kingdom of God is at hand!


We were privileged to return to the Netherlands in May to preach at their first-ever National Youth Conference. The youth group there has grown tremendously, and we were thankful to be part of this. During one of the services, a young man received the Holy Spirit. Someone later asked him how he felt. Through tears and a cracking voice, he said, “I’ve never felt love like this before.” Such a touching expression of the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit.

Last month we were in Sweden for the annual ACRC meetings. These are meetings of the Area Coordinators and Regional Commission leaders. Regional Director, Nathan Harrod, brought in Stan Gleason, Assistant Superintendent of the UPCI, to pour into our leaders. It was a great time of impartation. Bro. Harrod has a great vision to multiply across the region, and we are eager to see this happen. While in Sweden, we had the opportunity to minister in Falun during leadership meetings and at a concert. We were in Stockholm for Pentecost Sunday with the Jonathan Follmer family. That weekend three received the Holy Spirit, and two were baptized. It was beautiful to see what God is doing in Sweden.

Teaching & Training

We are actively involved in teaching and training around France and the Europe region. In March, we were in Bordeaux for a leadership training seminar. We taught and then stayed over to minister that Sunday. Paul Majdling pastors a great church in this beautiful city. We are thankful for the opportunity to be better connected to this work in the west of France. We were also able to teach at Harvest Bible College again this year. It is always an honor to pour into young leaders. We honor the Kelleys for their fine work at the Bible school in Scotland.

Thank you all so much for your faithful support.  If you would like to contribute, your financial support enables us to continue to lead the work here and do what God has called us to do. We receive no funds from the church we pastor and are 100% funded by faithful partners like you. We covet your prayers for the work here in Paris. Pray for a tremendous outpouring of God’s Spirit among His people. We must see revival!

The Best Is Yet To Come!