Fall 2023 Update

God is Working in Paris

We are blown away by what God is doing in Paris. We fear that it sounds cliché at some point, but amazing things are happening. Signs, wonders, and miracles have become part of normal life as we have seen many filled with the Holy Spirit and baptized! We are in a season of spiritual awakening and revival, and we live in a state of expectation of what God will do next. 


Over the past two years, we have implemented a program called “Summer Sundays” to combat the summer lull that we have experienced in the past. During the summer, people tend to go on vacation and lose focus, so we created Summer Sundays to keep our people engaged and focused on what God is doing. We offer special events and guest speakers every weekend, which have been a great success. This summer, we were thrilled to see that our summer giving doubled, and attendance actually increased – which is even more remarkable given how things operate in Europe during the summer. We want to thank all the guest speakers and attendees who made this summer’s Sundays special. 


A few weeks ago, we were privileged to baptize Blessing, an African refugee who came to know Jesus and felt a need for baptism. Many people from her community came to support her, including Muslims who had never witnessed a baptism before and Catholics who had never seen baptism by immersion. About 20 people from seven nations gathered for this beautiful moment.
After Blessing was baptized, she sat silently in the water, and we asked if she was okay. She responded, “Yes, it just feels like a weight was lifted off of me, and I’ve never felt like this before.” It was clear that the transformational power of Jesus had worked in her life. She had come to us through a connection with a man in the military and his wife, who were part of a charismatic Catholic group some dear friends connected us with.
We are grateful for every door God opens for us in areas of influence. For example, A 3-star French General joined us in worship just a few months ago. It’s an amazing connection! We have baptized 13 people this year in the beautiful name of Jesus and look forward to more!


Our church community is built on CityGroups. With our rapid growth, we must offer opportunities for ministry where people can cultivate fellowship with Christ and one another outside of Sunday services. These groups gather at various times throughout the week in different locations across the city. With groups for Bible Studies to Evangelism, people from all walks of life and backgrounds come together to deepen their faith, and it’s been a joy to see. We hosted our first-ever CityGroup fair to encourage participation, which was a huge success. Most groups reached their maximum capacity, as people were eager to sign up. Our vision is to see 100 CityGroups meeting across Paris.
We personally led a group called “Dinner with Pastor,” at our first meeting, we had individuals from Sri Lanka, Ghana, South Africa, Togo, and the USA! We cherish these micro-communities within our church.


Every year, we organize an ILMC weekend to celebrate what God has done among us and to look forward with a vision of what He will do in the future. This year, the event was split over two weeks. During the first weekend, we organized a picnic in the park, which was attended by over 90 people, many of whom were guests. The following weekend, we had a special leadership seminar and service with Pastor Matthew Hemus of Liverpool. It was a great event. As 172 people attended, it was our biggest church service ever! We were delighted to see many guests come to experience Pentecost in Paris, including Atheists, Muslims, Catholics, Buddhists, and people of other faiths, who could encounter the Holy Spirit for the first time. At the start of the year, the Lord gave us prophetic declarations to decree over the church. During ILMC, these declarations were once again spoken into the atmosphere, and we could feel a tangible shift in the atmosphere. If you want to see these declarations, click below. 👇


This summer our youth staff organized our first-ever youth retreat in a small chateau located north of Paris. The retreat was an amazing experience for all of them as they do not have the opportunity to connect with each other outside of church. During the retreat, they experienced deep spiritual moments and many of them reached out to me privately to share how their lives had been transformed. As a result, there is now more cohesion among our youth and they are meeting monthly. We have a fantastic team of youth leaders who are helping the Ignite Youth Group to grow in their relationship with Jesus. We are so proud of our dynamic group of young people!


We had the privilege of traveling to Vienna, Austria, to attend the Euro Ladies Conference. Jen was a participant in the conference while Baron was busy with meetings. The conference was a great success, bringing together women across our region. This year, we were delighted to have many attendees from Paris Centre Church. In the meantime, Baron was engaged in meetings with the Regional Director, Nathan Harrod, and the Area Coordinators. We are humbled to be the administrative assistants to the Regional Leadership team. It’s an honor to serve under these visionary leaders who have a passion for bringing about a revival in Europe.


Over the last two weeks, we have been exceedingly privileged to play host to a group traveling into Algeria for an interfaith summit with religious leaders from the religion of the Middle East. Algeria is closely connected to France and they make up a significant segment of the population. It is an excellent opportunity for the gospel to be preached in a group that is not typically open to it. Having our Global Missions Director-Elect and his wife here with their team was so wonderful. We esteem the work of Adam and Maya Hunley and are looking forward to what God will do through their visionary leadership.

Words fail to express the depth of our gratitude for your faithful prayer and financial support. We are truly rich with blessings!!

The Best Is Yet To Come!