2020 is off to a great start!

We normally do not make a direct solicitation for financial support, but we are in serious need of monthly supporters to make up a monthly deficit induced by attrition. This need is highlighted by the fact we will be unable to return to the USA to raise funds until 2021. No amount is too small. We are simply asking you to consider a 12-month commitment. If 20 people will commit to $25 a month, that will fulfill the need for the next year. Will you consider supporting our ministry in France? Tax-deductible giving options can be found at the following link: ?? Click here for more information ??


December and January were great months in Paris and in our ministry. I had the honor of baptizing Vanessa right before Christmas. She is a university student that found us on Google. When she was baptized she was filled with great joy.
We have seen remarkable church growth; from this time 12 months ago, our weekly attendance has increased by 50%. We are thankful for the hand of God on Paris Centre Church.


At the beginning of December, Paris Centre Church hosted a “Paris for Jesus” weekend. This was the vision of our youth pastor, Andy Rabearilala. Churches from across the area gathered to pray and strategize about how to reach various people groups in our city. The young people were passionate and their enthusiasm was infectious. There is a solid group of young people eager to reach their cities, they only need direction. Because of this, Pastor Brochu has organized an evangelism committee to make strategic plans for better reaching into our community. We are extremely excited about what God is doing both in the city and in the hearts of the people.


At the beginning of January, we were privileged to conduct a leadership weekend in Longwy, France. This beautiful little city nestled at the intersection of France, Belgium, and Luxembourg has a wonderful church. We taught all day on Saturday on subjects such as Honor & Authority, The Pursuit of Excellence, Social Media Use for Church Promotion and more. Additionally, we ministered in service on Sunday. The Lord moved in a great way and it was wonderful to connect with these precious people.


We also had a leadership meeting with our team in Paris to prepare for 2020. Pastor Brochu gave vision and direction for the year and provided guidance for the team. With the Brochus returning to the USA to raise funds, this year is particularly important to carefully plan. We will be stepping in to fill the role of the pastor in their absence. The church is in a strong position and for this we are grateful!


After spending many hours working on video training, we are slowly implementing our online discipleship program. It’s wonderful to see the work that has been done over the past several months being put into action. We have people new to the Christian faith going through biblical training online at their leisure. This is, of course, supplemented with face-to-face Bible studies helping them grow in their faith.


Though progress was made, the months of December and January were challenging. The nation was crippled under history-making strike conditions. Everyone from trash collectors to doctors has been on strike. Most impacting was the strike of the transportation system that lasted nearly two months. This meant services were canceled and group meetings were unable to take place. We are thankful that things are moving again.

God has His mighty hand on this great city and incredible things are taking place. Incredible doors to new groups are opening. We do not have the ability to contain it all in a newsletter, but we are filled with anticipation. We’re seeing puzzle pieces falling into place on every turn. If you ever want to know more, feel free to connect with us. 

We love and appreciate you all so much. May the Lord richly bless you!