1st & 2nd Qrt 2021 Update

Happy spring to our faithful friends and supporters!

There have been remarkable things taking place since the last time we were able to connect. Words fail to adequately express the length and breadth of what God is doing here in France and worldwide. We stand in awe with a spirit of thanksgiving at the privilege to work with Jesus.

Every Nation, Tribe, and Tongue
Since the beginning of February, eight people have been baptized and several filled with the Holy Spirit. We have seen many miracles happening week after week. (Blind eyes opened, tumors and cancers disappeared, withered hands coming back to life, just to name a few.) We have Gentiles, Jews, as well as former Muslims, Buddhists, Atheists, Hindus, Humanists, etc. all under one roof worshipping together. Only Jesus can do such a thing!

Falling in Love with Jesus
Two who were baptized by Pastor Brochu were a former Hindu and a former atheist. Both have such a deep hunger for God. One of these young men kissed his Bible when he was given a copy of the Word in his language, and the other is moved with emotion as the Scripture is read. I have never seen such a pure hunger for the Word. 

Holocaust Survivor & Retired Anglican Priest Witnessing for Jesus
God has placed an 89-year-old Polish, Jewish man into our fellowship. He is a survivor of the Auschwitz concentration camp. After the war, he ended up in Ireland and eventually became an Anglican priest. Many years ago, the Lord baptized him with the Holy Spirit and sat him on fire. Several months ago, the Lord told him to come to Paris. Since our connection with him, we have seen incredible miracle after miracle. He is a soul winner and spends his time ministering to those in and around his hotel. Because he is Jewish, he was invited to share the Word in an orthodox synagogue in the heart of Paris. 5-6 orthodox Jews received the Holy Spirit. He has prayed for a Muslim in the sitting room, and he received the Holy Spirit. He recently brought a young Jewish girl to church with him. She had never been in church before, and while preaching took place, she wept. She told us after service that she did not expect that. Space and time do not allow us to share the incredible stories surrounding his arrival, but He is a soul winner.

A Catalyst for Revival
A few weeks ago, someone asked to what we attributed these incredible events. The answer is simple. Since October 2020, we have had nightly prayer with our local church. Seven days a week for the last six months, our people have been praying together via a nightly Zoom prayer meeting. What a beautiful sound to hear the cry of people each desperate for a move of the Holy Spirit in their city.
Since these nightly prayer meetings began, we have seen incredible miracles and stories unfold that rival the book of Acts.
France is not a developing nation. We are in the heart of Western civilization. There is a hunger for the heart of God. Today, as I taught a Bible study via Zoom, more than once, the young Parisian stopped to cover his face because he was overcome with emotion as I read the Bible… simply the Bible. Jesus. Is. Enough.

Here are a few ministry highlights that we have been involved in over the last few months:

  • Met with a group of church planters in North America to connect them with an online Revival By Design training program to see a cycle of church growth begin.
  • Assisted with the launch of the Revival By Design online training program, where principles of working with God are taught. 
  • Contributed insight from working with Learning Management Systems to the development of an international online Bible School training.
  • Participated in missions conferences at Eastgate Church with Pastor Matthew Tuttle and at the Pentecostals of Atascocita with Pastor Kevin Martin. 
  • Ministered at The Rock Church Hobart with Pastor David Stovall and The Pentecostals of Bossier City with Pastor Jerry Dean.
  • Joined the inaugural committee to bring Member Care services to the Europe Middle East Region. Developed a website and communication strategies for this effort. Member Care is committed to facilitating the healthy inner growth of all cross-cultural representatives. 
  • Participated in Zoom prayer conference with over 100 people from around the world to pray over France. 
  • Went to Châtellerault with Pastor Brochu to connect with the wonderful Mike Long family, who is pastoring the work there. While there, we were able to upgrade their sound system and have a wonderful time of fellowship.
  • Ministered to the Hyphens of the German Speaking Nations during a special online event led by representative James Pace.
  • Consulted with the ministry team in Oslo, Norway, to help provide best practices for reaching people via available online tools.
  • Participated in the annual Area Coordinators and Regional Commission (ACRC) meetings with our great leaders from across the Europe Middle East Region.
  • Assumed the pastorate of UPC Paris Centre in the absence of Representatives Paul and Darla Brochu. Help us cover them in prayer and believe for a speedy return to France from their deputation.

Our hearts remain humbled and grateful for your continued prayers and financial support. We could not do what we do without you. Supporters of missions are heroes of Heaven! Thank you! If you are not currently a partner, we invite you to prayerfully consider partnering with us to reach France and the other nations we are privileged to connect with through our work.
May the Lord bless you abundantly! 

Baron & Jen Carson